Argentina's Blind Theatre Won't Leave You in the Dark

On a tree-lined street in Buenos Aires is a faded building with a large graffiti mural of tango great Carlos Gardel on its walls. Inside is a theatre that is always kept dark. This is Teatro Ciego, the world's first and only theatre where both blind and seeing artists perform exclusively without light.

Our latest podcast features Celeste Hamilton Dennis as she experiences the play La Isla Desierta in total darkness. We hear why she gets sprayed with jasmine perfume, what it's like for the actors to not use facial expressions - and how this theatre is innovative in providing employment for the disabled. 

It's an idea worth spreading. Come hear for yourself. 


Celeste Hamilton Dennis and co-producer Ceci Gil Mariño would like to thank Martín Celis, Craig Dennis, Terry Dennis and Jason Kirtland for lending us their voices; Janet Bollero, Rachel McRoberts, Deborah Brody, Emily Burnett and Lindsay Rihala for their invaluable translation assistance; Pía Sicardi for her original music; Julia Smith and Hannah Kane for their editing prowess; Douglas Coulter for his mad production skills; and most importantly, the cast of Teatro Ciego for letting us shine a light on their world.

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