Going Loco: The Ubuntu Community What's in a name?  When it comes to 'Ubuntu', a whole lot.  Ubuntu means "humanity to others" in some African cultures, but it's also the name of an computer operating system that is bringing people together, as well as a larger movement to change the way people interact with technology.

In this episode, we speak with members of an Ubuntu 'LoCo' (for Local Community) group in Washington, DC. While their mission is to promote Ubuntu Linux and open source software, their story likewise illustrates how a simple piece of software can build community.  We also explore the history of Ubuntu, what it does, how open source is changing technological development-- and why some people want to stop it.

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And in honor of open source, you can download the Ogg Vorbis format of this podcast. To learn more about Ogg Vorbis and install the player, click here.

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