Sector Switcher: Krista Kelley, a Leader in Nonprofit Development Posted as part of Nonprofit Career Month, featuring the diversity of career opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

Today’s Nonprofit Career Month podcast guest is Krista Kelley, Vice President of Development at Adelante Development Center in Albuquerque, one of the largest nonprofits in New Mexico. Adelante offers community-based services for people who are physically or mentally disabled, who have chronic neuromuscular diseases, and who are disabled simply due to the aging process.

Krista has designed and led Adelante’s development department which has included lobbying, government relations, media campaigns, capital campaigns, direct mail campaigns, donor development, planned giving, in-kind donation programs, special events, private foundation, city, state, and federal grants.

Prior to working for Adelante, Krista worked in both domestic and international business development and marketing and in business and operations analysis.

Amy Potthast talks with Krista about developing a new department at a nonprofit, the adjustment to working in a nonprofit after working in a business, and the family-friendly potential of many nonprofits that value work-life balance for their staff members.

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