Two Fools. One Adventure. No Idea: Tuxedo Travels and In this latest Idealist Community episode we highlight two projects, Tuxedo Travels and, that are making the world a little bit friendlier to live in.

Heath Buck and Doug Campbell barely knew one another when they decided to set out on what they dubbed a "crazy adventure of the charitable kind."  For six months, the duo traveled from Hong Kong to London raising money for local causes they encountered along the way. The catch? They wore tuxedos the whole time.

Heath and Doug talk about the amusing ups and downs of their journey, as well as provide keen insight as to how tuxedos are viewed in the rest of the world. We also hear how CouchSurfing, a global website that connects travelers to people's couches, helped them carry out their adventure. 

Click here to download the episode. (0:15:03)

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