The MSW, Part 2: Coursework, fieldwork and certificates
The Master of Social Work prepares students with the practice methods, ethical and social values, and scientific principles to work with populations-at-risk. Programs promote social and economic justice, strengths-based practice with diverse populations, and evaluation. Careers includes both direct service and organizational leadership roles in a wide array of issues.

In this Idealist Grad School Podcast series, Amy Potthast chats with admissions staff and an alumna from three social work masters programs:
  • This episode, Part Two, is on course work, field work, and certificates.
  • Find Part One, an overview of the degree and careers, at
  • Find Part Three on admissions and financial aid advice at
The Guests:
Richard Sigg, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, Washington University in St. Louis George Warren Brown School of Social Work and Public Health
Robert Sommo, Assistant Dean for Enrollment Services, New York University Silver School of Social Work
Erin Zimmer, Assistant Director for Student Services and Alumna, University of Michigan School of Social Work

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